4 Best Business Phone Services for Small Business (2020)

Are you looking for the best business phone service for your business or website/blog? Adding a phone service can help you efficiently manage calls with customers. In this article, we have picked  the best business phone services that you can use along with your WordPress site.

Why And When You Need a Business Phone Service?

Normally, you can just add your landline or mobile phone number to your WordPress site and use that to receive calls from customers. However, your phone number wouldn’t look professional, and you will not be able to communicate effectively.

Adding a proper business phone service allows you to do the following:

  • You can easily track call duration, hold times, wait times, and overall usage.
  • Most business phone services come with call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, call routing, call recording, and more.
  • Share one number among several users simultaneously (auto attendant feature allows you to route call to the first available representative)
  • You can use a desk phone, mobile cell phone, or a computer to receive and make calls
  • Easily add new employees without calling in a technician.
  • Business phone systems transmit voice over internet (VoIP systems), which means you can take your local or toll-free number anywhere you want. All you will need is a high-speed internet connection.

If you are running an online store or a small business website, then adding a professional business phone service can help you grow your business. You can use it to build better customer relations with professional sales and support provided over the phone.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top business phone services that you can use with your WordPress site.

1. Nextiva

 Nextiva.com is Our best recommended phone service for small business.

Nextiva is the best business phone service in terms of features and ease of use. They offer a large set of features, with quick setup and reasonable pricing. It comes with a simple web-based admin panel which makes it easy for small business owners to easily manage the unified communications platform like a pro.

Nextiva’s VOIP phone service for small businesses includes advanced call routing, unlimited free domestic calling, voicemail to email and text, online faxing, text messages, and more.

You also get a free local or toll-free number, free number porting, and all the standard features like caller ID, call forwarding, routing, custom greetings, and more. As a platform Nextiva also offer other powerful features including CRMLive Chat, online surveys, call analytics, and other solutions that work very well with the business phone system.

If you’re a small business owner or you own online store, website or Blog. Nextiva can be a game changer for your business.

Note: We use Nextiva on Learnbusinessideas, as our business phone service. In our experience, Nextiva is the best small business phone system in the market from both features and pricing point of view.

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2. Ringcentral

RingCentral is another excellent business VoIP provider. With RingCentral, you get all the standard feature you would expect from a reliable business VoIP provider like call forwarding, advanced routing, call waiting, caller ID, hold music, and more.

They offer easy integrations with third-party services like Dropbox, G Suite, Salesforce, and more.

Other notable features include online meetings, video calls, screen sharing, conferencing, and an easy to use web-based administration panel.

We first discovered RingCentral organically because they are very well known and a fairly large company in the business VoIP space. While their feature offering is great, their pricing is a bit on the higher end unless you sign the annual contract.

Pricing: Starting from $34.99 / per user every month for the first user. Their monthly pricing drops significantly when you add the second user to $24.99 per user every month. You can also save 40% by switching to the annual plan.

Visit Ringcentral Here

3. GrassHopper

GrassHopper offers virtual phone numbers through voice over internet protocol (VOIP), and it is great for solopreneurs and small businesses. A virtual phone number means it can forward calls to any phone number or mobile device. However, for outgoing calls you will still need a regular phone line.

They offer intuitive web and mobile apps to manage your account and phone service. You can use multiple extensions for your number, and you can choose from local, toll-free, and vanity phone numbers. It offers US, Canada, and UK based local and toll-free numbers.

GrassHopper comes with all standard features like call forwarding, routing, waiting, call hold music, voicemail to email transcripts, and more. It is perfect for remote teams because you can add extensions that can be used from anywhere using mobile or desktop apps.

Their plans start from $29.99 per month with 1 number and up to 3 extensions.

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4. Freedomvoice

FreedomVoice gives business the option of either virtual or cloud-hosted VoIP phone services. Neither options require any equipment to be installed, and both are simple to use. The virtual system is built for businesses with a remote workforce needing a way to connect calls to their employees wherever they are while also presenting a professional image at all times. The cloud-hosted VoIP system is available in two options: One is designed for very small businesses, while the other can be used by organizations of any size. All of FreedomVoice’s offerings come with an array of calling, collaboration and mobility tools. 

Their plan started from $9.95 per month with 1 number and up to unlimited extensions. Freedomvoice offer 30 days free trial and before the 30 days you may decide to council your subscription if you’re not satisfy with their service.

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In Summary

After carefully researching all the top business phone service providers, we believe that Nextiva is the best business phone service provider in the market.

Their plans are affordable for businesses of all sizes, and they offer a lot of powerful features along with top-notch customer support.

The best part is that while Nextiva business phone line works on your cell phone, tablets, and computer, they also often run free promotions for advanced business phone systems like Poly VVX150 or Nextiva X-885 which is used by many professionals for multi-line handling and more.

Business Phone Systems

With all the reasons above, we decided to use Nextiva for our own business and rate it as the #1 best business phone system in the market.

RingCentral came as a close second. They offered a lot of the same features, but at the end it came down to pricing where Nextiva clearly won.

We also looked into many other business phone service providers that are not listed in this article like Ooma, Jive, AT&T, Verizon, and others. We decided it wasn’t best to list them all in this article because we don’t want to cause choice paralysis.

Instead, Our goal is always to make it easy for you to choose the best provider for your needs.

We hope this article helped you find the best business phone service for your business.

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