Nextiva Review: Best VoIP Phone Services Provider

Nextiva is our choice for the best virtual phone system because it gives businesses the ability to present a professional image at all times without investing in a traditional in-office phone system.

If you’re in the market for a business phone system or cloud call center software, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve stumbled upon Nextiva. Nextiva is one of the largest providers of business VoIP services, providing their services to over 100,000 customers.

Through Nextiva is a great option for business VoIP, unified communications, and cloud contact center software. 

We understand that choosing a business phone system can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why we decided to write this post. With a ton of different options on the market today, it can be hard to tell what the differences are.

Nextiva Overview

Nextiva is a Business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider. It provides a complete communications system for small organizations. It is not only highly affordable but also promotes profitability of the organization. The objective is to provide small firms with equal opportunities to excel as are provided to large corporations.

Nextiva currently provides services to over 60,000 companies and has employed more than 500 engineers to develop the best communications platform ever. It has a diversified product range catering to small businesses, large corporations, and call-centers.

Nextiva Office (Pro and Enterprise) is the product designed to deliver the needs of small companies.

Nextiva Office – Pro and Enterprise

Nextiva Office Pro offers basic features which can facilitate in call management. Nextiva Office Enterprise is an advanced version of Nextiva Office Pro which offers additional benefits, enabling you to manage your sophisticated communications requirements easily.

Nextiva is a VoIP designed in such a way so as to provide 65% savings as compared with traditional communication systems. Moreover, it offers over 100 business-friendly features which allow you to connect with your customers and clients in a seamless and amiable manner. It requires no setup fees or contracts in order to start – all you need is to register new or existing business numbers with your Nextiva account and you are ready to get going. Nextiva Office offers unlimited calling and faxing at most affordable prices best suited to compliment the needs of small ventures.

As a small business supervisor or owner, you can create number of extensions for your employees according to your requirements. Nextiva offers flexible pricing options for every extension and the additional features sought.


Nextiva Office Pro comes with the following features bundled in the pay plan:

  • Advanced Call Forwarding: Define extensive call forwarding protocols regarding how, when and where the calls are to be forwarded.
  • Auto Attendant: Develop customized greeting and a help menu to enable callers to reach their desired person.
  • Busy Lamp Field: Allows you to see the phone status of other employees in the company.
  • Induced Customer Call: Allows customers to induce calls to their numbers from your Nextiva phone with a simple mouse click.
  • Call Identification, Park, Return and Waiting: Standard call management features which allow you to manipulate and manage calls according to your needs.
  • Unanswered Calls: Decide what to do with unanswered calls or where to forward them in order to reach the desired person.
  • Call Broadcast: A one-to-many form of conference call which allows you to talk to several people in a one-sided conversation.
  • Synchronized ringing on multiple devices: Coordinating several devices with the Nextiva account and deciding how these will receive calls.
  • Line Keys: Keeping several calls on a single line/extension in an organized manner.
  • Music on Hold: Entertainment while the callers wait for their turn.
  • Push to Talk: Inbound Calling
  • Selective Call Acceptance or Rejection: Decide which calls make it to your phone or are rejected automatically.
  • Three-Way Conference: Three people on the same conversation.
  • Voicemail to Email Conversion: Forwarding voicemails to your email accounts.

Nextiva Office Enterprise has the following additional features along with all the features of Nextiva Office Pro:

  • Custom Ring Tone: Let the callers hear a special message while your phone rings.
  • Nextiva Anywhere: Forward calls to any remote mobile numbers.
  • Nextiva Toolbar: Send and receive calls from your regular web browser.
  • Pre-Connection Message: Let the callers hear a special message even before your phone starts ringing.
  • Remote Office: Transform your external phone into the Nextiva desk phone.


Nextiva Office Pro comes with three pay plans according to the number of extensions created:

  • 1-4 extensions will be charged at $34.95 per extension per month.
  • 5-20 extensions will be charged at $29.95 per extension per month.
  • More than 21 extensions will be charged at $19.95 per extension per month.

Nextiva Office Enterprise comes with three pay plans according to the number of extensions created:

  • 1-4 extensions will be charged at $44.95 per extension per month.
  • 5-20 extensions will be charged at $39.95 per extension per month.
  • More than 21 extensions will be charged at $34.95 per extension per month.

Other Nextiva Products

Other Nextiva products include Hosted Call Center Plans (especially for Call Centers), PBX SIP Trunking Plans, Virtual Business Phone Plans and vFax Plans. Each of these has been developed keeping in mind the specialized requirements of all types and scopes of businesses.

Nextiva Support

In case you face troubles using your Nextiva VoIP, you can easily access customer support in the form of a call or mail – the customer support representatives are available 24/7 for 365 days in a year. Moreover, there is a complete list of FAQs and guides online pertaining to the problems you may be facing, helping you resolve it at the earliest.


Nextiva has earned a reputation for being a good business VoIP provider by serving thousands of companies worldwide. It has developed its products to perfection using the skills of over 500 engineers and masterminds. Its products therefore, offer high-level quality and service.

Moreover, Nextiva is one of the very few who have looked beyond the customary, and sought to serve the financially limited business sector including small businesses and new startups. Nextiva Office (Pro and Enterprise) offer a wide range of features which enable organizations to manage their inbound and outbound communications in a sophisticated manner. It promises to expand the capabilities of small businesses and allow them to excel all standards.


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