Discover: The Best Identity Theft Protection And Monitoring Services In 2020

Is someone applying for a mortgage in your name? Ruining your credit? The best identity theft protection and monitoring service can help you find out -- and fight back.

Your personal information is precious, and our directory of the best identity theft protection and monitoring services can help you protect your identity, proactively monitor suspicious activity and assist in recovering if you're a victim of a data breach that leads to identity fraud and theft. Unfortunately, if you don't already use one of these protection services, you may need to soon. That's because identity theft is a huge and growing problem, with more enormous data breaches hitting with increasing regularity and leading to stolen funds and the buying and selling of personal info.

In 2016 alone, there were more than 15 million US identity fraud cases, with identity theft victims losing more than $16 billion, not to mention untold damage to credit reports. The 2017 Equifax breach was the icing on an already bad cake -- one that got even worse in the months that followed. More recently, the Starwood Marriott breach compromised the personal information of more than 380 million guests, including more than 5 million passport numbers.

If an identity thief has stolen your Social Security number and personal info, they can begin applying for loans and a credit card in your name.

In this directory, we'll look at one of the best identity theft protection services for helping you manage and protect your identity at various price points.

Identity Guard comes in at No. 1 on our list of the Best Identity Theft Protection Services. It's notable for its partnership with IBM Watson, which provides artificial intelligence that scans millions of articles and social media posts daily to detect threats. Identity Guard also features safe browsing tools provide security when shopping, banking or paying bills online

It is the top best identity theft protection services for ID monitoring, credit monitoring, fraud alert, ID protection, identity restoration and more, but read to the end to see additional important information and facts about identity guards.

Identity Guards Overview:

Identity Guard provides identity protection monitoring services and software to help prevent your identity from being stolen. Its services range from monitoring the web for your information to identity guard insurance. It helps protect your privacy and prevent your accounts and information from being used fraudulently. It also lets you track this vital information with the company’s easy-to-use dashboard.

You can use the Identity Guard app to get access to all notifications, including additional access to alerts, credit information, changes to public records, addresses, accounts and apps in your name and the latest news on identity theft incidents.

Identity Guard has options for personal, family and business plans. The Value plan for an individual is the cheapest plan and covers basic identity protection, including data breach notifications, dark web monitoring, high-risk transaction monitoring and safe browsing.

The Total and Ultra plans for personal use add protection such as bank account monitoring, credit score tracking, criminal monitoring and more. Family plans offer the same packages and protections but for more people. Business plans focus on breach response, but the company also offers a basic and more advanced option.

Identity Guard Pricing

Users can pay annually or monthly contracts with any plan. At the time of publication, the Value plan starts at $6.67. Prices climb to $19.99 for the Ultra plan, which offers the most coverage. You can get a Family Value plan for only $10 per month, a Total plan for $13.33 or a high-coverage Ultra plan for $26.67. Business plans range from $36 to $265 per year.

What Is Identity Guard's Trial Period?

Identity Guard offers a 30-day trial period before a subscription automatically renews on a monthly basis. Members who prepay for a year or more of service can get a refund of their annual renewal price if they ask for it within 30 days of payment. Identity Guard will refund fees for the current membership term. Monthly subscribers are not eligible for a refund.

Identity Guard Customer Service

The U.S.-based member services team is available over the phone Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST and Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. Alternatively, member services will respond to an email inquiry within 24 to 48 hours.

The Button Line:

I have long recommended a way to protect yourself from becoming a victim of most banking fraud, which is to examine all your accounts once a week. It's a bit of a pain, but just in my family, we've found numerous fraudulent activity and charges over the years. By doing this practice regularly, we've saved thousands of dollars in stolen funds. Consumer Reports recommends you do all your own monitoring, too. 

That said, if you're not the type of person who is willing or able to take the time to do the constant due diligence necessary to protect your identity, Identity Guards protection services can help. 

Although we have some other monitoring services like. LifeLockIdentityForce, Identity FraudPrivacyGuardMcAfee Identity Theft Protection StandardID Watchdog and so on. But we strongly recommend Identity Guard In terms of acredibility and transparency system.

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