How to Make Money With Affiliate Information Marketing

Shortly after the creation of the World Wide Web (WWW), a new breed of business entrepreneurship took hold in America and throughout the world. Pioneering affiliate networks like ClickBank saw the potential of a new type of product that, with time, could rival oil, coffee, gold, and any other commodity known to humanity. Thanks to the internet, information can be offered as a product as an information entrepreneur, i.e., an infopreneur.

The Selling of Information Products Over and Over Again

A large percentage of people starting an affiliate marketing business choose to market and sell information products, loosely defined as information packed in a specific format (e.g., text, audio, video, etc.) and meant to be sold and delivered to end customers. The best example of information being sold today is the highly lucrative “How To” category that can be found everywhere, literally in any niche in existence.

Of particular interest to infopreneurs on the internet are digital information products, information products that are sold in digital format of some sort. As opposed to hardcover or softcover books, CDs, manuals or reports, an infopreneur can deliver these items as PDF files, audio files, streaming video, and other emerging media. It substantially reduces delivery and transportation costs for businesses and gives customers immediate access to highly coveted information.

It is exactly why the selling of information products has become democratized via the internet. With lower barriers to entry and lower costs anybody, anywhere can start selling information products online.

Thanks to the internet, passive income can become a reality, thanks to the “create it once, get paid over and over again” model of digital information product-based affiliate marketing.

Distinguishing Infopreneurs from Hardcore Sellers

At this stage, you may not be prepared to create your information products. It is exactly why affiliate marketing is such a great opportunity to get started making money online. With affiliate marketing, you can sell other people’s products and receive a commission for each sale made.

Though you’re not selling your products, you should not discount your ability to offer a value-added service to prospects looking for ways to save money, learn a new skill, or become more time-efficient.

Online infopreneurs distinguish themselves from traditional salespeople in that they take a relationship-oriented marketing approach to do business. Through various contact methods like e-mail marketing and social media, they establish their expert status a priori as well as a persona suitable for their intended (ideal) audience.

Just because you are not the author of the affiliate product does not mean you are not a valuable part of this e-commerce chain. You are offering information in a suitable form to prospects looking to solve a problem, and you are holding the key to improving their lives via your affiliate offers.

Simply writing product reviews on a blog is a great way to educate people, add value, and make money promoting other people’s products as an affiliate.

Benefits of Being an Affiliate Marketer

Making a real commitment to affiliate marketing entails great responsibility and great opportunities at the same time. The following are advantages of this type of business:

  • Direct, relationship-based marketing to potential, “warm” customers looking for an excuse to spend money on your offers.
  • Less pressure to recruit an endless stream of “tire-clickers.” Keeping loyal customers loyal for the benefit of all.
  • Greater opportunities to demonstrate your expertise and trustworthiness to a welcoming audience.
  • Offering different levels of engagement to people at different stages of purchase comfort.
  • Various media options to choose from to make information enticing enough to buy.

The Sales Funnel Approach

Traditional book authors working through a publishing house, even the successful ones, generally have no idea who buys their books, nor do they possess their customers’ contact information. Affiliate marketers following the infopreneurial business approach, on the other hand, are blessed with business channels and opportunities that permit them to build long-term, profitable relationships based on the needs and desires of each customer beyond the “one-shot” sale.

One thing you should be doing, in particular, is building an email list of the visitors who come to your website so that you can not just promote a product one time, but promote multiple products over and over again to your visitors. It can greatly increase your profits and the value of the visitors to your website.

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This sales funnel approach to affiliate marketing has proven itself time and time again and is used by the biggest and richest entrepreneurs in the world. For our purposes, it lets you ease your prospects into increasing levels of price, time, and product engagement, depending on their circumstances.

Once you’ve become successful as an affiliate, you’ll most likely venture into creating your digital information products and even recruiting your affiliates to help promote your products as well.

It’s amazing to think that just by simply offering free reports to skeptical e-mail subscribers on your blog or website to build your email list and promoting products as an affiliate can lead to thousands of dollars in sales later on. Either through a lifetime of small purchases (e.g., e-books, study guides), the occasional purchase of a complete package, or permission to access a continuity program (a paid monthly subscription to a website, coaching program, etc.) of some sort.

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