Debt Consolidation Care Review For 2029

Debt Consolidation Care Review For 2029

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If you’re looking for guidance through the process of consolidating and eliminating your debt, Debt Consolidation Care has the resources and the coaches to set you on the right path. The company will help you evaluate your financial situation and assist you with figuring out the best plan for handling your debt. Their website offers a treasure trove of information for those who are beginning the process of dealing with their debt. When using the services of Debt Consolidation Care, you’ll never feel alone in your debt journey because their website allows you to interact with people going through the exact same thing.

Range of Services

In addition to being totally free, Debt Consolidation Care is also a big advantage because of how many financial services it offers. Through the help of a competent financial advisor, you can take advantage of things like debt elimination, credit card interest rate reduction, debt consolidation, bill consolidation, and loans. The beauty of this service is that Debt Consolidation Care will help direct you toward the best solution for your particular situation, so you can be on your way to financial freedom as quickly as possible.

Debt Consolidation Care is very simple to work with and can basically get your affairs in order within 3 simple steps:

  1. First, you go online, sign up, and a consultant will be in touch with you to plan when you can speak more at length.
  2. Next, you’ll officially kick off your relationship with this company by having a free consultation with a professional debt counselor. This session is meant to get to know your debt situation personally so that Debt Consolidation Care can help you determine the best solution for your needs. This first step is particularly valuable to anyone in debt as it takes all of your finances into consideration, and creates a debt relief plan that is specifically tailored to your situation. And it’s totally free.
  3. If you decide to continue with Debt Consolidation Care, you’ll be able to create a client profile and be given access to the online portal where you can check on your debt progress, see how much more you have to go, and know what steps you’ve already taken toward financial freedom. You’ll also be assigned a personal debt manager who will sit with you through several more sessions, tailoring your monthly budget and debt relief plan.

Your relationship manager can even negotiate with creditors on your behalf, reduce your monthly payments, waive late fees, avoid bankruptcy, and help you avoid aggravating and painful debt collection harassment.

What’s on Offer

  • Free financial counseling
  • Community support
  • Online tools
  • Debt consolidation
  • Debt management
  • Debt relief
  • Debt elimination
  • Debt reduction
  • Bill consolidation
  • Debt consolidation loans


Debt Consolidation Care offers loads of tools and features to help ease your situation and resolve your debts. The online calculators make those awkwardly uncomfortable mathematical equations a cinch (and really, who remembers how to even start doing those calculations anyway?!). Debt Consolidation Care offers things like an APR calculator to see exactly how much a loan would cost you, debt reduction calculators to see how much you’ll end up saving, and debt-to-income ratio calculators to see how much of your income needs to go to your current debt.

Additionally, as mentioned previously, the online support community is probably one of the biggest benefits of this service. Debt Consolidation Care gives those who are suffering from financial hardships a place where they can come, be comforted, ask questions in a safe environment where they won’t feel embarrassed or be ridiculed, and get useful advice from financial consultants and real people who have dealt with debt before. This alone is worth its weight in gold (and Debt Consolidation Care is giving it away for free!).

  • Tremendous support community
  • Debt consolidation calculator
  • Credit card payment calculator
  • Debt reduction calculator
  • Debt-to-income ratio calculator
  • APR calculator
  • Unsecured loan calculator

Types of Debt Covered

Debt Consolidation Care offers free financial counseling to those suffering from debt of every kind. This includes outstanding loans, credit card debt, student debt, medical bills debt, and pretty much any other type of debt you could come up with.

Site Security

One thing people love about Debt Consolidation Care is its transparency. Everything about the service is so clearly spelled out and explained. Nothing is hidden behind legalese or convoluted terminology, so you won’t understand what’s really being said. When it comes to privacy and security, the same holds true. Debt Consolidation Care collects basic information about you, such as name, email address, and the best time to contact you. No information collected will be shared with outside parties.

Additionally, industry-standard electronic, managerial, and physical security measures are in place at all times to ensure the maximum security of your information.

Customer Support

Debt Consolidation Care can be reached by phone or by live chat on their website. The website provides a wealth of resources that customers can access when they have questions about their debt and how to manage it and pay it off. A unique feature that the company offers is a forum where customers can connect with people like them who can give advice when it comes to debt.

Our Recommendation

Debt Consolidation Care is a good place for people to start their journey to financial freedom from their debt issues. The company provides a place where anyone can come and ask questions or read others’ experiences to get an idea of how they should begin. It doesn’t seem like there is much help for the customer beyond the support community though. They will have to find other companies to help actually get the work done. We can recommend Debt Consolidation Care as a supplemental support, but we do not recommend them for consolidation.  

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