3 Reason You Need To Have Second Number For Your Business

If you’re in the early stages of starting a business, you’re probably considering using your personal cell phone number for business. This is normal—it’s affordable and convenient, and most people prefer it out of habit. Switching to something new seems like a hassle.

However, “personal” and “business” are very different fields, and they require mutually exclusive approaches. Using your personal number for business is inviting conflict and inefficiency into your life.

There are 3 widely accepted ways to combat this:

  • carry two phones with different numbers;
  • expand your plan with a service provider like Verizon.
  • or get a virtual phone number for your business.

You know the first two options, but don’t worry if you don’t know much about virtual phone numbers, At the end of this article you are not only going to know what virtual number is all about but you are also going to discover how to get a virtual US number for your business  to call and recieve unlimited sms for in regardless of where you’re in the world. All 3 options are safer and just plain better (to varying degrees) than using your personal number.

Here Are The 3 Reason Why You Need Second Number For Your Business:

 1. Keep Your Personal Cell Phone Number Private.

We live in a world that’s connected to the internet in almost every facet, and in that world, information is king. Your personal information is under constant threat from hackers, scammers, and pranksters, and everything you put out into the world risks being used the wrong way by the wrong kind of people.

It’s not just you either, it’s even big companies that help make life what it is—Android and Apple have both dealt with serious bugs in the past and some compromised security measures. More recently, the giant credit rating company Equifax revealed they had been hacked, exposing nearly 150 million people’s personal information.

With so much risk out there, why would you want to expose yourself to more by advertising your personal number? If you’ve ever used your smartphone to pay for something online, a skilled hacker could get your information simply from having your phone number and going from there.

All of those autosaved passwords to your social media accounts? Those can be easily accessed too. Have any compromising or private photos on your phone? Not safe either.

It’s not even hackers that pose a danger: every day people fall for phishing scams, willingly giving away their information precisely because an email has been created to trick them into believing it’s personal.

How to counter this:

Simply having a second number and keeping your personal number out of the spotlight will significantly decrease the chances hackers target you. This will preserve the safety of your personal data without affecting mobility and convenience.

If you choose a virtual number, any calls to that number will be forwarded to your chosen devices, meaning you only need to have 1 phone on you. A potential cybercriminal cannot target you directly (only the business number is publicly available). Therefore, any threat will be directed at the servers of your virtual service provider, and these providers are much more equipped to deal with such attacks than either the average citizen or company.

 2. Having A Greating Message For Your Customers.

Having a business phone number can make your business look more professional, Example. When someone calls your business line, you can have a custom greeting. You can set up a different greeting message when you are open and closed.

While you are open, you can have a greeting like, “Thank you for calling [Business Name Here]. Someone will answer the phone shortly.” Meanwhile, you received a text and or email notification that you have an incoming call on your business line.

If you are closed but have an emergency line, you could add to the message above under business hours and have something like, “If this is an emergency press 5 to talk to our on-call technician.” And then if they press 5 the call will forward to the on-call technician’s phone.

 3. It Will Enable You To Monitor Your Employee And Customers Interaction.

If your employees use their personal numbers to deal with customers, you are willingly giving up control over that part of your business. It’s important to keep track of all of your company’s business activities: logistics, sales, customer service, etc. When clients interact with your company through employees’ personal numbers, you don’t know how often and when your employees speak to your customers, how they handle conversations, and what they fail to do.

Even if you wholeheartedly trust your employees, giving them free reign curbs your ability to help and opens up possibilities for your employees to lose customers through ineffectiveness or deceit.

How to counter this:

Any decent virtual phone system solves this problem with ease. All your company’s business interactions are conducted within a consistent communication environment, which gives you full awareness of what’s going on.

You can record calls, monitor detailed call statistics per employee, and much more. With the ability to add extensions to your virtual phone number, customers can even still reach particular employees directly.


Personal numbers aren’t meant for business; they’re inconvenient, inefficient, and even dangerous.

You can carry two separate mobile phones, try your mobile carrier’s “business” options, or use a virtual phone system to combat this. Regardless, you’ll need to choose one to avoid the many negatives of using a personal phone for work.

Each option has its pluses and minuses, but a virtual phone system is the most balanced solution in terms of affordability, convenience, and security. It will effectively protect your personal data from scammers, preserve your work-life balance, and improve your accessibility. What’s more, it will make your company sound professional to potential customers.

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